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8 Article Marketing Tips For Reader Engagement

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Although quality content plays a major role in article marketing, without proper structure, even the best content can fail to achieve reader engagement. I will shortly mention important article marketing tips to ensure viewer attention and engagement.

With properly structured high quality articles, you can achieve active readership and returning visitors to your blog or website. You want to satisfy, benefit, and bring your viewers back for more!

Create unique, high quality content that is structured in the best of formats. Give your viewers a reason to bookmark your page. Every article on your website should make your viewers feel that they definitely need to visit your blog again! Part of what makes your content amazing, having viewers back for more, is article structure!
Quality content that benefits others is not enough. Proper structure is one of many important article marketing tips for engagement!

Stay on topic! Let your reader’s know what you will be talking about and make sure you talk about just that. You title should reflect your topic so reader’s keep interested and engaged. The trick is to have a title relevant to the article, which is relevant to the service or product you’re promoting. The better these three relate, the higher you achieve a targeted audience and ongoing visitors.

Let’s share the secrets then to achieving greater reader engagement!

We have already talked about Article Title Secrets to attract viewer attention for maximum traffic generating potential!

If you have not done so already, read “7 Ways To Create Article Titles? Secrets For Stunning Traffic."

Now let’s begin!

Here are the secrets!

#1 Topic

The first paragraph of your post should clearly explain what your article is about. In addition, your article should stay on task at all times. Do not go off topic. Remember the 5 W’s when writing your article. Who, what, where, when, and why. The rest of the article be a reflection of these questions. Make your most important points in the introduction.

#2 Points/Lists

Another tip to engage readership is to use points or lists. People love lists as it is always easier to follow something that is in list fashion. A list is more amusing for the eyes than a lump paragraphs. List are a great way to make sure you are “to the point!”
That’s what people love don’t they? They come to your articles for one reason, to learn something special! Keep their attention by giving them the facts in the shortest amount of writing as possible! A list is simple to follow and does just that!

#3 Simplicity – In Every Aspect

Keep your content writing in simple form. If you are using big words define them for your readers. Use the least amount of words possible to get out an idea or sentence.

#4 Short Paragraphs

Keep your paragraphs short in the range of 3-5 sentences long. Long solid blocks of text are not attractive.

#5 Give Away Some Secrets

If you have a product or service you may think of giving away some secrets. When people understand your methods, they are likely to gain your trust. When people are comfortable with you, they will trust you enough to buy your products. The more people who trust you, the higher the demand for your goods or services.

#6 Examples/Experiences

Share examples and experiences. The more you share, the more people can relate to you. Be open about your personal experiences. Give a hypothetical example to help readers understand what you are talking about.

#7 Resources

Share resource links for information around the web. Outgoing links from your website can increase your site’s page rank in the search engines; so don’t worry about losing viewers.

#8 Checklist

Thousands of thoughts run in your brain! Create a marketing schedule for daily tasks and goals of what you need to accomplish! Make a checklist of this list and review it before submitting your next articles!

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