Friday, February 11, 2011

Planning " Forum Marketing For Dummies"

Hey everyone!

I have decided to create a new blog called forum marketing for dummies.
I want to teach people exactly how I figured a way to get unlimited targeted traffic to my website. I have been implementing a technique using forums which gets me tons of targeted traffic.

I need to create a narrow niche blog, which has higher success rate than one that is more the the "general zone." Keep in mind that when you write a blog, the more narrow the topic, the better for SEO.

I hope to post some great posts on my new website as I learn more and more about my technique through experimentation.

Forum Secrets

Saturday, February 5, 2011

How I Got 1016 Clicks To My Affiliate Products In Less Than 4 Months

Hey everyone, I would like to share a very valuable product that I use to promote affiliate products. It is called, Antonio's Millionaire Secrets.

This is no "get rich quick" scheme as many other products out there. It is a legit way to start your own online business! It teaches you how to become a "SUPER AFFILIATE."

This is one product, that I am extremely happy that I bought. I would recommend this product 100%.

Here is the link: Antonio's Millionaire Secrets

Ideas To Make Money Fast

There are many ideas to make money fast online. Anyone can achieve a successful income online so as long as they work hard. Nonetheless, there are many products out there that will claim they can make you rich fast, without any hard work at all. Many of these get rich quick products are false or misleading advertisements. When you have an idea to make money fast online, you must be sure that it is a legit way of making money fast. There are key ideas you should consider for ideas to make money fast!

Many marketers fail in their ideas to make money fast! Even the few who find legit ideas to make money fast fall into the trap of failing to be consistent in their actions. The reason for this is because, these marketers suffer from an information overload. There are so many ideas to make money fast on the web that it is hard to put just one tactic to proper use. This is why it takes patience to work with ideas to make money fast. Do you think a person can be rich if he tried to execute a hundred different tactics at one?

Consistency is the first step to real ideas to make money fast! You must find a legit product, then work on it consistently. This is one of the main reason why many internet marketers fail. They set off on many different business plans and fail to work on one. You must brew one plan at a time.

Optimize! Every plan needs to be optimized to perfection. When you start out your marketing plan, you want to do things right! Everyone has roadblocks to face when they start something new or want to achieve some kind of goal. It is the same with a marketing tactic. You must work hard and make changes. The first time you tried to ride a bike or started to walk, you probably have failed. You may have gotten close, but failed at the end. The same is concerning your ideas to make money fast on the web. You must work at it, until you become an expert in what you are doing.

When it comes to ideas to make money fast, these are two big reason that many marketers fail. Take it from my personal experience, when you work on one marketing tactic, you realize many things you could have been doing differently. There is something you can change for the better, but it takes time to come to mind. The longer you work on ideas to make money fast, the better you will become at it until you put your plan to perfection.

Always keep these ideas to make money fast on the web. It is small, but important points to make money on the web!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

100,000 Twitter Followers Each And Every Month

I recently started to use Twitter to get an idea of how it works and was struggling to use it to drive traffic to my website.

I soon figured out that there are certain tools marketers use to enhance the speed
at which they add followers.

Michael Dunlop claims to have 100,000 visitors to his site each and every month from Twitter alone!

Learn his methods via the following link:

Twitter Tips And Tricks

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Free Photos For Your Blog

Photo By Anankkml

Adding pictures to your blog is a sure way to grab viewer's attention.

I came across a link that lets you use free photos for your blog, social media sites, and more; so as long as you give credit to the artist.

It's called Free Digital Photos. I love the variety of high quality photos they provide for free!

You can reach free photos for your blog here::
Free Digital Photos

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Create A Marketable Photo!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Free Marketing “Gold Member” Q & A Audio From ISS Social Network

As a current member of ISS Social Network, I received an email to all members of the ISS Social Network about a gold member marketing q & a.

I want to share my free marketing q & a audio here with everyone!

It has some very valuable information!

The Link Is As Follows:
Internet Success System Marketing Q & A

Marketing Q & A Topics Included Are As Follows:

Which Type Of Site To Build? Larger Authority Or Small Niche Site
Content Quantity And How Much You Need To Spread It
How To Build SEO Through Networks That Drives Free Traffic
5 Top Social Blog Sites
PLR Products On Your Site
20 Minute Video To How To Build An Html Website – Step By Step
How To Use FTP software to Upload And Download Files To And From Website
How To Get Webmaster Services At A Good Price
How To Get Better Email Responses
Offer Types That Increase Sales And Subscription
How Often To Email Lists
Best Way To Learn Everything
Using QR codes To Get Leads & Make Sales
How To Make QR Codes Free

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Monday, January 10, 2011

8 Article Marketing Tips For Reader Engagement

Image: Maggie Smith /

Although quality content plays a major role in article marketing, without proper structure, even the best content can fail to achieve reader engagement. I will shortly mention important article marketing tips to ensure viewer attention and engagement.

With properly structured high quality articles, you can achieve active readership and returning visitors to your blog or website. You want to satisfy, benefit, and bring your viewers back for more!

Create unique, high quality content that is structured in the best of formats. Give your viewers a reason to bookmark your page. Every article on your website should make your viewers feel that they definitely need to visit your blog again! Part of what makes your content amazing, having viewers back for more, is article structure!
Quality content that benefits others is not enough. Proper structure is one of many important article marketing tips for engagement!

Stay on topic! Let your reader’s know what you will be talking about and make sure you talk about just that. You title should reflect your topic so reader’s keep interested and engaged. The trick is to have a title relevant to the article, which is relevant to the service or product you’re promoting. The better these three relate, the higher you achieve a targeted audience and ongoing visitors.

Let’s share the secrets then to achieving greater reader engagement!

We have already talked about Article Title Secrets to attract viewer attention for maximum traffic generating potential!

If you have not done so already, read “7 Ways To Create Article Titles? Secrets For Stunning Traffic."

Now let’s begin!

Here are the secrets!

#1 Topic

The first paragraph of your post should clearly explain what your article is about. In addition, your article should stay on task at all times. Do not go off topic. Remember the 5 W’s when writing your article. Who, what, where, when, and why. The rest of the article be a reflection of these questions. Make your most important points in the introduction.

#2 Points/Lists

Another tip to engage readership is to use points or lists. People love lists as it is always easier to follow something that is in list fashion. A list is more amusing for the eyes than a lump paragraphs. List are a great way to make sure you are “to the point!”
That’s what people love don’t they? They come to your articles for one reason, to learn something special! Keep their attention by giving them the facts in the shortest amount of writing as possible! A list is simple to follow and does just that!

#3 Simplicity – In Every Aspect

Keep your content writing in simple form. If you are using big words define them for your readers. Use the least amount of words possible to get out an idea or sentence.

#4 Short Paragraphs

Keep your paragraphs short in the range of 3-5 sentences long. Long solid blocks of text are not attractive.

#5 Give Away Some Secrets

If you have a product or service you may think of giving away some secrets. When people understand your methods, they are likely to gain your trust. When people are comfortable with you, they will trust you enough to buy your products. The more people who trust you, the higher the demand for your goods or services.

#6 Examples/Experiences

Share examples and experiences. The more you share, the more people can relate to you. Be open about your personal experiences. Give a hypothetical example to help readers understand what you are talking about.

#7 Resources

Share resource links for information around the web. Outgoing links from your website can increase your site’s page rank in the search engines; so don’t worry about losing viewers.

#8 Checklist

Thousands of thoughts run in your brain! Create a marketing schedule for daily tasks and goals of what you need to accomplish! Make a checklist of this list and review it before submitting your next articles!

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Entreprenuers Guide To Article Marketing